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ओं श्रीगुरुभ्यो नमः।
oṁ śrī gurubhyo namaḥ|

On this auspicious day of Makara Sankrānti, when the Uttarayaṇa begins, we launch this new website for the benefit of all the mumukṣus, seekers of the Truth.

New Year Message – 2019

“Time is not divisible. Yet for transactions it seems to be divisible.

The truth of Time is satyam and jñānam. This is because, the truth of Time is the present moment, not the past… not the future… They exist only with reference to the present moment. The previous moment was past. The next moment is future.

At the present moment, all that is here is ‘I’, ahamśuddha-caitanyambrahma…”

Swamini Brahmaprakasananda Saraswati (Mataji) – Chief Acarya
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सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः॥
sarve bhavantu sukhinaḥ||
May all be happy!

On Going Programs:
Long Term Course (2017-2020)
Our teaching programs in Vedanta, Sanskrit & other allied subjects are meant for adults who have a quest for self-enquiry. To them, we impart the knowledge of Brahma Vidya in a three year residential course through the study of Prasthanatraya.
The fourth long term course started on 1st July 2017 with Swamini Brahmaprakasananda Saraswati as the main acarya. The course’s primary objective is to impart the vision of Advaita Vedanta and enable the participants to continue to lead a life in keeping with the vision.


Online Classes

We are offering online classes on the YouTube platform. Read more.

Mataji explains about the classes… click to see the video.

Contributions to the Gurukulam Activities
The Gurukulam primarily runs on contributions from supporters including visitors, students, well-wishers, devotees and guests.
We welcome donations in any form that you can offer.

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