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ओं श्रीगुरुभ्यो नमः।
oṁ śrī gurubhyo namaḥ|

The Gurukulam primarily runs on contributions from supporters including visitors, students, well-wishers, devotees and guests.

We welcome contributions in any form that you can offer. You can choose to make:

  • General donation
  • Corpus donation
  • Offer annadanam
  • Request a puja
  • Participate in many special events like Gurupurnima and Sivaratri
  • Donate money to support a student of the course
  • Conduct a camp at the Gurukulam
  • Other

If you have another idea, we encourage you to contact us to explore alternative ways to support to the Gurukulam, whether it is a suggestion to help you channel your financial contributions to more specific uses or to look at other ways of contributing.

Ways of giving
General Donation: You may support the Gurukulam by donating any amount you are comfortable donating as a general donation or you may request it be used for a specific cause or project.

Corpus Donations: [To be specified]

Gift for a day – Annadanam or Puja
The most common ways of giving are to make a donation to contribute towards the expenses of the Gurukulam for one day, or expenses for meals for one day by sponsoring Annadanam (Bhiksha).
And also, you can sponsor a temple’s Puja to mark any significant event in the life of oneself or someone you care for – like a birthday, anniversary, upanayanam, vidyarambham, marriage etc.
If you would prefer to make a partial contribution for Annadanam, you are welcome to do so.

Special Occasions: You can participate in Events at the Gurukulam like Maha-sivaratri, Gurupurnima, Gurupeyarchi, Shri Krishna Janmasthami, Ganesha Cathurti, Navaratri etc. by sponsoring flowers, fruits, prasadam or any other thing as per your possibilities.

Supporting a Brahmacari: You may make a contribution towards supporting the study of student at the Gurukulam to whatever extent you wish to.

Plan a camp at the Gurukulam:
Teachers of Arsha Vidya Sampradaya can plan to bring their students for a camp at the Gurukulam, which gives them a unique opportunity to study in the serene Gurukulam setting and offer their contribution to support the place. Please contact our office for scheduling a camp.

Mode of payment for any donation (including bhiksha)
We accept Donations by Cash (under Rs. 2000/- or as per the prevailing regulations), Cheque, Drafts, and Bank Transfers.
Please provide your Name, PAN number (mandatory for amounts over 10,000 rupees), purpose of donation, address to mail receipt and address to mail puja prasadam (if applicable).
Foreign Donations are also accepted. For more information, please contact us.

Instructions for Bank Transfers
The most reliable, speediest option is a bank transfer. Within India most banks offer free bank transfer facilities.
Please contact us through e-mail ( or phone call/WhatsApp (+91 98902 93641 – Mr Swapnil Jatkar) to get the details for the electronic transfer.
It is very important to send an email or letter communication to the office when a bank transfer is made to us in order to localize your donation.

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